Camps at Mizpah Lodge


Yad 'b Yad is a Hebrew word that means Hand in Hand. Hand in Hand we can move forward and accomplish so much more.

Our Vision: To inspire tomorrow's achievers

Our mission: With our camps, resourses and knowledge we develop and equip the youth with values, a possitive attitude and skills so that they can utilize it in their personal life and in a team environment.

Values + Attitude like loyality, integrity,helpfulness, respect, trustworthiness, unselfishness & cooperating etc.

Our aim is to get them to take ownership of their lives and of South Africa , the school ,church and universaty they are in.

Skills like communication , listening, decision-making and problem solving etc.

Our passion and dream for the youth is that they know and live with a sense of purpose and that their lives should and can add value to other people regardless of how old we are.

For them to realize at a young age that SMALL THINGS DO MATTER !!.

How we achieve it: Aristotle once said. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. Through repetition we en grave it into their minds.

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